2 Week Challenge – Day 14

Responding to him.

You made it. Welcome to day 14, and CONGRATULATIONS. Let’s finish this challenge with a bang.

Do you know what your man desires more than anything? This may surprise you, but he wants to see you sexually fulfilled. He longs for you to respond to him. He want to know that he is the one that can take you to the moon and back with a crescendo of ecstasy he created.

Dr. Kevin Leman states, “There is not a man on this planet that does not want to know that he can make his woman go crazy in bed. Even more than your husband wants to have sex with you for his own sexual relief, the truth is, he wants to please you, even more than he wants to be please. It might seem like it is all about him but what he really wants, emotionally, is to see how much you enjoy the pleasure he can give you. If he fails to do that for any reason, he will end up feeling inadequate, lonely, and unfulfilled.

A husband is looking for fulfillment not accommodation. Simply put he is sexually fulfilled when his wife is fulfilled. If he knows she is not enjoying sex, but only accommodating him, he will not be fulfilled or satisfied. Sex may happen, he may finish what was begun, but he will have unfinished business in his heart. He will feel like a consumer and not a lover.

Great sex does not come naturally. It takes time, practice and maybe even a little study. There are several books with a christian perspective on sex, keep your eyes on our website, I will be discussing sex in more detail soon.

Romance is certainly about more than what happens in the bedroom, but in your husband’s book it is very important. I hope you have gleaned some great ideas to help you let your husband know just how much you adore, and appreciate him! I hope you have romanced his socks off!

As the challenge comes to a close, think about the ways you’ve seen a change in your marriage. Was it fun? I hope so.

2 Week Challenge – Day 14

  • Have romantic music playing when he gets home, or gets out of the shower.
  • Flirt with him at the dinner table, run your foot up his leg, or place your hand on his thigh.
  • Go back to the previous challenges and tackle one of the steamier ideas as the grand finale of your 2 week challenge! And remember, it doesn’t have to stop here.

Thank you Jesus for bringing me to the end of this challenge. Remind me father to stay intentional about my marriage, to show my husband that I appreciate and admire him. Lord, guide me to sexually fulfill my man and to make sex a priority in our marriage. Help me to love my husband despite his flaws. Your word says that love covers a multitude of sins. I pray this in Jesus name. AMEN.

4 Stappe om mekaar te verstaan

Ons almal het 4 ‘basics needs’ en soos gewoonlik verskil mans en vrouens soos dag en nag. Kom gesels saam en vind uit wat maak jou gelukkig maar meer belangrik, wat maak jou maat gelukkig.  Jou man her vervulling in die volgende afdelings nodig: RespekSeksVriendskapHuishoudelike hulp Jou vrou het vervulling in die volgende afdelings nodig:…

5 Huweliks Mites

Ons almal trou met die idee dat ons huwelik prentjie mooi gaan wees, kom ons wees eerlik jy hou nie altyd van die prentjie wat jy gekies het nie.

5 Kommunikasie Geheime

5 Geheime vir Effektiewe Kommunikasie. Ons hoop om deur hierdie vlog jou te help om meer effektief met jou lewensmaat te kommunikeer. Ons is druk besig om die podcast op die been te kry.

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