2 Week Challenge – Day 13

Atmosphere of anticipation.

Girls, we spoke about this earlier in the challenge. Men can get from 1 to a 100 in 10seconds. Men are like a light switch, by the push a button the are turned on and ready to go. We gals don’t work that way. We are more like a dimmer switch. We start with just a hint of light and then the beam grows as the switch is adjusted. The ideal situations is for a man to kiss his wife in the morning, give her a call in the middle of the day, help load the dishwasher after supper, and then put the kids to bed. That’s a woman’s ideal idea of foreplay. To us woman, foreplay is a whole day affaire. However we can’t always count on that

Now what? Perhaps you can take steps to prepare yourself for a night of intimacy. Begin the day by thinking of an evening of passion and plan accordingly. Give him a call in the middle of the day, put a note in his car or briefcase that makes him want to rush home from the office (I have used a polaroid picture to get him rushing home). As mentioned, plan your intimacy ahead by scheduling it into your calendar.

You need to give your mind a jump start. Stephen Covey, author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, wrote that all things are created twice. First mentally and then physically.

Stephen Covey, author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

2 Week Challenge – Day 13

  • Buy some temporary tattoos and tattoo each other in a place only the two of you will see.
  • Serve up some chocolate-covered strawberries as a snack for two.
  • Leave a trail of cute notes all over the house with the last one on his pillow as a special invitation.
  • Put the pillows at the foot of the bed to mix it up a bit. You might be surprised what happens when you remove the routine and the expected.

Lord, help me to understand my husband sexually and to make sex a priority in our marriage. I pray this in Jesus name, AMEN.

4 Stappe om mekaar te verstaan

Ons almal het 4 ‘basics needs’ en soos gewoonlik verskil mans en vrouens soos dag en nag. Kom gesels saam en vind uit wat maak jou gelukkig maar meer belangrik, wat maak jou maat gelukkig.  Jou man her vervulling in die volgende afdelings nodig: RespekSeksVriendskapHuishoudelike hulp Jou vrou het vervulling in die volgende afdelings nodig:…

5 Kommunikasie Geheime

5 Geheime vir Effektiewe Kommunikasie. Ons hoop om deur hierdie vlog jou te help om meer effektief met jou lewensmaat te kommunikeer. Ons is druk besig om die podcast op die been te kry.

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