2 Week Challenge – Day 8

Things dreams are made of.

Sexual fulfillment is climatic in a man’s life – pun intended. If you excel in praying for him, respecting him, adoring him, initiating intimate friendship, safeguarding your marriage, and encouraging him, but neglect sexually fulfilling him, all your efforts will be for naught. Sexual fulfillment is the glue that holds all the other elements together.

In his book Love and Respect, Dr Emerson Eggerichs wrote:

Your husband needs sexual release as you need emotional release. This is why he love the act of sex in and of itself… As a woman, you may feel that the two of you have to feel and be close in order to share sexually. For him, however, it is the reverse: the sexual act is what brings the two of you close!

Dr Emerson Eggerichs author of the book, Love and Respect.

Making love to your husband assures him that you find him desirable and that he’s still “got what it takes.” Sexual intimacy soothes his accumulated soul aches from the day and gives him the strength and well-being necessary to face the world with confidence.

2 Week Challenge – Day 8

  • Buy yourself something inviting to wear to bed.
  • Ask your man the following questions: What part of your body do you enjoy me touching the most? What scents put you in the mood? What sort of lighting do you enjoy during times of intimacy? In what sort of package would you like me to present myself?
  • Take notes and then put meeting his desires in practice!

Lord, help me to be sexually available to my man. Help us to have open conversations about our intimacy so that we can build a stronger relationship through it. Father I know you designed sex and you designed it to be enjoyed between a husband and a wife, if my childhood have polluted my view of sex, help me to restore it to the way you designed it. I know now the importance of sex in my marriage, help me to sexually fulfill my man. I pray this in Jesus name, AMEN.

4 Stappe om mekaar te verstaan

Ons almal het 4 ‘basics needs’ en soos gewoonlik verskil mans en vrouens soos dag en nag. Kom gesels saam en vind uit wat maak jou gelukkig maar meer belangrik, wat maak jou maat gelukkig.  Jou man her vervulling in die volgende afdelings nodig: Respek Seks Vriendskap Huishoudelike hulp Jou vrou het vervulling in die […]


5 Kommunikasie Geheime

5 Geheime vir Effektiewe Kommunikasie. Ons hoop om deur hierdie vlog jou te help om meer effektief met jou lewensmaat te kommunikeer. Ons is druk besig om die podcast op die been te kry.

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