2 Week Challenge – Day 6

Make your marriage a priority.

A best practice is to maintain cars by getting them serviced, but some people just drive them until they fall apart. A best practice is to get your teeth cleaned and examined every six to twelve months, but some people ignore them till they fall out. And a best practice is to make a marriage a priority an take steps to keep it strong, but some take it for granted or neglect it until it fizzles out. The fact that you are reading this blog tells me that you are not that person.

We all get busy with daily routine and more often than not we let sexual intimacy get pushed down the priority list. 75% of the population agreed that lack of time was their greatest frustration in their sex life. Here’s the deal – LETS MAKE TIME!

If necessary put love making on your calendar. I imagine you have hair appointments, doctor appointments, and children’s activities on the calendar, so why not include your number one priority – your marriage, your man.

Jp and myself have scheduled Wednesdays as our day to be intentional about each other. We cook dinner, make time to talk (about our marriage) and we end the night of with ‘you-know-what’. After lengthy discussions we realized that it was easy for us to be intimate over a weekend but struggled to find time during the week, and then WE SCHEDULED IT.

If putting love making on the calendar seems unromantic to you, consider these positive aspects of scheduled intimacy;

  • Scheduled intimacy eliminated the possibility of rejection. In most marriage one partner has a higher sex drive than the other. For the spouse with the higher desire, the fear of rejection can be highly detrimental to self-image, self-esteem and overall unity in the marriage.
  • Scheduled intimacy increases anticipation and desire. The largest sexual organ in the body is the brain. Anticipating intimacy at the end of a certain day can get the mind in gear and jump-start the process. I’ve often heard that when it comes to sex, woman are like slow-cookers and men are like microwaves. So if you are a slow cooker, make sure to plug in and let the romantic juices simmer throughout the day.
  • Scheduled intimacy ensures that too much time doesn’t pass. No matter what is going on in your life, don’t allow too much time to pass between times of sexual intimacy. The longer the period between coming together, the more difficult it is to even begin. Couples who have sex on a regular basis are happier and more connected.

Perhaps, you think, well I tried it, and it didn’t work. Here’s the thing, you can’t just TRY it, it needs to become a way of life.

Because of a mans makeup, sex feels like a need to most of us, and when a woman graciously and eagerly meets that need, we become very thankful. When a woman uses a man’s need to manipulate him, a man becomes resentful. When a woman uses a mans need to punish him, he often becomes bitter

Dr Leman author of Sheet Music

It all goes back to the reasons why we want to romance our husbands in the first place. Is it to give or to get? Oh believe me, when you give in this area in your life you will indeed reap many wonderful benefits. However, if you are giving in this area only to get, he will be able to tell – and so will God. The Bible warns us that wrong motives will leave us empty (James4:6).

When a wife refuses her husband sexually, she shouldn’t be surprised when he refuses her practically (fixing a leaky tap, or running to the store.)

2 Week Challenge – Day 6

  • Write him a love letter.
  • Surprise him with a date night. Make all the arrangements, including reservations, a fun activity, and a dessert only you can provide. Make sure not to talk about problems or the children.
  • Go by his workplace and slip a “ticket” under his windshield wiper. Write the following: “You have been cited being the hottest man in the world. There is no fine, because you’re so fine.” Sign it “Officer your first name)

Father, as I come to you in prayer I ask that you will show me the importance of intimacy and help us, as a couple, to grow in this area. I pray that we will be comfortable to communicate our desires to one another and that I, as my husband’s wife, will make this a priority in our marriage. Thank you Jesus for your faithfulness. I pray this in Your name, AMEN.

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