2 Week Challenge – Day 5

Sex was God’s idea.

Have you ever stopped to think about the magnetism between a male and a female? Where did that come from? Why is it so strong? God put it there! Isn’t He ingenious?

SEX WAS HIS IDEA! God took great care to make sexual relations between husband and wife pleasurable, desirable, and fulfilling. It is a sinful world that has taken God’s holy design and perverted and exploited it.

Pleas take sometime to read Genesis 2, but instead of paying attention to the landscape and the animals, skip to the part where God speaks about the fact that man was not created to be alone (verse 7). Science has shown us that all you need to make a baby is joining an egg with one tine, determined sperm. You can do that in a party dish in a laboratory. However to make love, you need a lot more.

According to Linda Dillow and Lorraine Pintus, authors of Intimate Issues, “The Hebrew word for ‘sexual pleasure’ is the word ‘to know’. Through God’s gift of sex, a husband and wife receives an intimate knowing of one another that they have with no one else.”

Linda Dillow and Lorraine Pintus, authors of Intimate Issues,

As BTS continues we will be delving into more topics related to sex, but for now, get started with day 5, and make it a day to remember. If you need some tips head over to Song of songs in your Bible (also knows as Song of Solomon), you might just be pleasantly surprised.

2 Week Challenge – Day 5

  • Make a list of a few of your husband’s body parts and tell him what you love about each one. Use your fingers and hands to point them out.
  • For the adventurous: Give your husband a full body massage with oils or lotion, and tell him what you like about each part. Save the best for last and let him know you love how that part works.

Lord as I continue with day 5, help me to be an enthusiastic lover to my husband. Help me to see that You have designed sex for more than just reproduction but as a way to find pleasure with my spouse. Father in the Name of Jesus come and awaken a new desire in me for my husband, ignite a new flame. I pray this in Jesus name, AMEN.


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