2 Week Challenge – Day 2

Small surprises with big impact

One of our husbands greatest longings is to be adored, admired, and appreciated by the woman of his dreams. Too many times we walk down the aisle with a striking resemblance of Snow White but then somehow turn into the wicked queen. If that’s the case in your home, fear not the story is not over yet! You can draw the line in the sand and say, “No more.” You can make a commitment to adore your husband and give him your Best.

A simple surprise for your husband might be a night of intimacy he wasn’t expecting. So as you carve out time for this simple surprises don’t forget to make time for the ONE thing that most says LOVE to him.

DAY 2 – Small surprises with big impact

  • Make a list of 10 to 15 reasons you love your husband that begins with “You are wonderful because…” or “I love you because…”
  • Send him a text that says “I’m thinking about you today.”
  • Put a note on his towel that says, “I envy this towel.” and leave it on the towel. If you feel extra adventurous, surprise him by joining him in the shower.

Lord, today I come to you and ask in Jesus name that you will help me to find the the time to surprise my husband, help me to see what makes him feel loved. Help us to have open conversations about our marriage and to put You first. As I engage in these small surprise come and be the impact our marriage needs. I love you father. In Jesus name, AMEN.

4 Stappe om mekaar te verstaan

Ons almal het 4 ‘basics needs’ en soos gewoonlik verskil mans en vrouens soos dag en nag. Kom gesels saam en vind uit wat maak jou gelukkig maar meer belangrik, wat maak jou maat gelukkig.  Jou man her vervulling in die volgende afdelings nodig: Respek Seks Vriendskap Huishoudelike hulp Jou vrou het vervulling in die […]


5 Huweliks Mites

Ons almal trou met die idee dat ons huwelik prentjie mooi gaan wees, kom ons wees eerlik jy hou nie altyd van die prentjie wat jy gekies het nie.

5 Kommunikasie Geheime

5 Geheime vir Effektiewe Kommunikasie. Ons hoop om deur hierdie vlog jou te help om meer effektief met jou lewensmaat te kommunikeer. Ons is druk besig om die podcast op die been te kry.

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