2 Week Romance Challenge

Congratulations! You have chosen to be intentional about your marriage. As woman we all wonder what our husbands want, and because they aren’t natural talkers (like we are) chances are, he won’t tell you. BUT he told me. Well, he didn’t tell me but 100’s of men just like him did.

I’m ready to share with you the secrets of keeping the spark going, whether you have been married for 2 month or 10 years, this challenge will change the way you look at your husband and how he looks at you.

One of the dangers of a good marriage is, we take it for granted. We wake-up, get the kids ready for school, pack lunch, get the laundry going, go to work, run errands, come home, fix dinner, do homework, deal with kids, go to bed, just to do it all over again tomorrow. We get caught up in routine, I bet you, you didn’t get married so that you could have a long list of chores. Most likely you got married because you were passionately, sexually and romantically stirred beyond belief. You couldn’t wait to tie the knot and crawl into bed every night with this incredible person God has miraculously brought into your life. Maybe you still feel this way. But maybe you could use a little reminder — a re-stoking of that passion.

That’s where the 2 Week Challenge comes in. We’re going to shake things up a bit, and spice things up a lot. You are about to embark on a journey of romancing your husband… and it’s going to be fun.

In the next 14 days we will be focusing on just ONE aspect of what your man longs for. Snuggled into his desire to be admired is his secret longing to be romanced. YES, your husband longs to be romanced by the woman of his dreams. Each day you’ll read a short capsule of encouragement then you’ll review 2-4 romance challenge ideas. Some or simpler than other, some are more adventurous. You get to pick the challenge that is right for you.

I love locking arms with other woman, so why not invite your girlfriends to embark on the challenge with you. Create WhatsApp groups, and motivate each other. Keep each other accountable. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see how I do each challenge

I’d love to pray for you as you take up this challenge to romance your husband. Fill in the form and let me know that you have started. I’ll begin praying for you as you honour God by loving your man well.


2 Week Challenge – Day 14

Do you know what your man desires more than anything? This may surprise you, but he wants to see you sexually fulfilled. He longs for you to respond to him. He want to know that he is the one that can take you to the moon and back with a crescendo of ecstasy he created.

2 Week Challenge – Day 13

Men are like a light switch, by the push a button the are turned on and ready to go. We gals don’t work that way. We are more like a dimmer switch. We start with just a hint of light and then the beam grows as the switch is adjusted.

2 Week Challenge – Day 12

Love on a silver platter. Some would say that marriage is 50/50. I’ve always been puzzled by that. It’s impossible to determine if your spouse has met you halfway, because neither of you can agree on where ‘halfway’ is, each is left to scrutinize the other’s performance from his or her own jaded perspective. The…

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