2 Week Challenge – Day 1

Your man needs admiration.

Believe it or not your man needs romance just as much as you do.

Willard Harley, author of His needs, Her needs: Building an Affair-Proof Marriage, notes that one way to affair proof a marriage is for a husband and wife to become aware of each other’s needs and learn to meet them. On the surface that seems obvious, but in reality most couples don’t realise what those needs are.

A Woman’s 5 basic needs in marriage

  • Affection
  • Conversation
  • Honesty and Openness
  • Financial Support
  • Family Commitment

A Man’s 5 basic needs in marriage

  • Sexual Fulfillment
  • Recreational Companionship
  • An Attractive Spouse
  • Domestic Support
  • Admiration

So for us gals affections is key. For the guys, sex is paramount.

Harley explains, when it comes to sex and affection, you can’t have the one without the other. The typical wife doesn’t understand her husband’s deep need for sex any more than the typical husband understands his wife’s deep need for admiration.

Willard Harley, author of His needs, Her needs: Building an Affair-Proof Marriage,

I have learned that when a wife doesn’t feel cherished, she’s not as interested in having sex with her husband. When a husband doesn’t feel sexually satisfied he doesn’t feel showing affection to his wife. Okey. So we have a problem. Someone has to make the first move. THAT COULD BE YOU!

Jesus said: “So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you,”


As you start this challenge remind yourself not to give with an ulterior motive of receiving. James warns that even our prayers can go unanswered when we pray with wrong motives (James 4:3)

The golden rule for marriage could be: Express your love to your husband in the same way you want him to express his love to you.

Are you ready?

Day 1 – Your man need admiration

  • Put a chocolate in his briefcase, lunch bag or on the dash of his cas, with a note that says; I love you
  • Write I LOVE YOU on the bathroom mirror with a sticky note or lipstick
  • Together with your love note make sure to kiss him passionately when he leaves for work and when he arrives home.


Lord, I pray in Jesus name that you will guide me to be the perfect spouse. Show me how I can improve in loving my husband and showing him what he means to me. Teach me to love unconditionally. Lord if there is anything standing in the way (mentally) that is keeping me from showing my admiration to my husband, show me so that I can deal with it accordingly. Strengthen me to complete this challenge as I romance my husband and fall in love all over again. I honour and glorify you Lord. AMEN.


4 Stappe om mekaar te verstaan

Ons almal het 4 ‘basics needs’ en soos gewoonlik verskil mans en vrouens soos dag en nag. Kom gesels saam en vind uit wat maak jou gelukkig maar meer belangrik, wat maak jou maat gelukkig.  Jou man her vervulling in die volgende afdelings nodig: RespekSeksVriendskapHuishoudelike hulp Jou vrou het vervulling in die volgende afdelings nodig:…

5 Huweliks Mites

Ons almal trou met die idee dat ons huwelik prentjie mooi gaan wees, kom ons wees eerlik jy hou nie altyd van die prentjie wat jy gekies het nie.

5 Kommunikasie Geheime

5 Geheime vir Effektiewe Kommunikasie. Ons hoop om deur hierdie vlog jou te help om meer effektief met jou lewensmaat te kommunikeer. Ons is druk besig om die podcast op die been te kry.

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