God needs YOU!

It’s passover time, and that time of the year where we remember what God did on the cross for all of us. This blog wil not be telling you how it happened, but equip you on how to use this amazing event to help you on your journey as you love Christ back to life in a world where He is forgotten, with just THREE WORDS


This will be my title, and as a well educated speaker, I know that each topic needs at least three points to motivate the statement, right? So here we go …

  1. God doesn’t need anything (Confusing much?)

We visited Cape Town a year ago and as we climbed out Lions Head, I stood at the top, completely speechless of how incredibly awesome Gods creation is. I stood there saying to God You don’t need anything, you are HUGE Lord. You hold the whole universe in the palm of your hand. I was in awe, that a God of such magnitude chose to die for me. And you know what God said to me? He said: “I need YOU!”

“Impossible” I said, “God you are self-existent, self-sufficient, and self-sustained. Why would the God who created the universe need me?”.

This left me confused for days, I couldn’t grasp this idea of a God needing me.

2. God DECIDED to need you.

Here’s the thing, God doesn’t NEED you to exist, He DECIDED he needs you to co-exist with Him.

Think of the story of Adam in Gen 2

God told Adam that he can name all the animals (and that’s why we have a hippopotamus), I’m sure God could have spoken to Adam and said, “see that, that is a lion, the one with the beautiful horn is a rhino” but he didn’t, he entrusted Adam with this job, He decided he needed Adam, He wanted to partner with Adam. Adam went to sleep after naming the animals (I’m sure it’s a rather tiring job) and Adam – being made in the image of God – desired a companion (that should teach us something of God, right?) And God made a partner for Adam, called Eve.

Just like Adam needed a partner, God is longing for a partnership with you. He DECIDED to need you. (Please put Adam on hold, we’ll get back to him and the cross at the end)

How? well let me explain

In Mark 6, Jesus could not do a mighty work because of the peoples unbelieve.

What if God is limiting, His unlimited power on this earth, to our faith? (our partnership).

What if, God has the power for your every need BUT he is waiting for you to partner with him.

If this is true, and I believe it is, don’t you think the enemy (better known as Satan) doesn’t know this too. How many times have the enemy kept you from partnering with God. Satan can’t see the future but he can see the horizon, he has an idea of how life can end up for you if he plays his cards right. He knows God can’t move unless we partner with him. How has he kept you from partnering with God?

Think of David and Goliath (my absolute fav story).

Goliath could not have been slain, if David did not partner with God. I am sure God could have struck Goliath with lightning in the middle of his head and caused him to tumble down, but God chose to need David.

God already have a David prepared for your Goliath, you just need to partner with him.

3. Have you decided to need God.

See, a partnership is a two way street. It needs to be decided from both sides.

Do you need God as much as He needs you? Do you desire a partnership with Him as much as He desires a partnership with you?

God has a part and we have a part.

  • Hear me when I say, God is never going to do your part. 

How many times have we prayed God heal my marriage. Well Ephesians 5 says that your husband needs to love you like God loves the church and that you need to honor him the way the church honors Christ. You’re not honoring, he’s not loving, you guys aren’t doing your part so you can forget you marriage being saved. God needs you to do your part first.

Here’s the good news:

  • YOUR PART IS NEVER SUPERNATURAL (Halleluja, I can do it!)

Think of the following biblical examples:

All David had to do was to slung the stone – God did the supernatural by making sure that stone hit Goliath exactly where it had to. Goliath fell forward (HELLO, does this not remind you of the verse that says every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that Christ Jesus is Lord)

Moses’ part was to pick up a stick (I’m sure we can do that) God then came and parted the see.

  • And lastly YOUR PART IS FIRST.

on the contrary God made the first move by dying on the cross to give you everlasting life and to wash your sins with his precious blood. Jesus is never coming to die on the cross again, God made his move.

Next move is yours. (Here’s a few verses that shows how you need to make the first move)

You shall lay hands on the sick and they shall recover (Mark 6:17-18)

Whatever you bind on earth, will be bound in heaven. Whatever you loose will be loosed. (Matt 18:18)


(well done you made it this far)

So let’s get back to Adam – Adam sins, and we are all condemned? Seems rather unfair right?

I think its brilliant, only God could think of something as brilliant as this. Since it only took one man to loose it all, it only took one man to get it back – BRILLIANT

The story of easter – A man lost it, a Man got it back!

God became man.

Are we all going to heaven now? NOOOOO

God has already done His part, but whether or not you go to heaven is your part.

What is my part? To believe in the one who died for you on the cross at Calvary.

If you have never given your life to Jesus or if you feel like you would like to recommit to the one who gave his life so that you can have life, and life in abundance, pray our salvation prayer. 

The word of God says to believe in your heart and confess with your tongue that Jesus Christ is King. Put it into action by telling us that you gave your life to Jesus because we would love to do life with you.

May you encounter Jesus like never before this passover, realizing that your break-through is at the end of YOUR NEXT MOVE, because that’s where God is waiting.

Thanks for reading. Share this blog with your friends, this might just be the message they need to hear.


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